Dear LINC participant,

We are writing to invite you to a transnational cooperation (TNC) meeting hosted by LAG Napoca Porolissum, LAG Lider Cluj, LAG Șomeș Transilvan and LAG Valea Someșului, LAG Lider Bistrița-Năsăud and LAG Lunca Joasă a Siretului on the second day of LINC2024. The cooperation meeting will be co-facilitated by the CAP Implementation Contact Point (CAPI CP) of the EU CAP Network.

The meeting will take place on 05.06.2024 between 9:00-10:30, at Grand Hotel Napoca and between 17:00-18:30 at Beliș, Cluj county.

This is a great opportunity to share your experiences, ideas, and discuss questions about transnational cooperation.

We look forward to working with you in the ‘Cooperation Corner’.

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About the Cooperation Corner at LINC & TNC

Transnational cooperation (TNC) has been an integral part of LEADER since this Community Initiative started. All Member States now have considerable experience with supporting TNC through the EU’s thousands of Local Action Groups (LAGs). A new era of TNC support by these LAGs is now ongoing, and this will build on expertise in using TNC to strengthen the implementation of community-led local development throughout rural Europe.

The Cooperation corner at LINC24 will provide LAGs with possibilities to meet and develop TNC ideas. One tip from the organisers here is for LAGs to “be able to clearly describe in two minutes the idea for your TNC project aims and plans”.

Other advice from LINC on how best to confirm the additional benefits that TNC project participants gain (particularly those aspects which would not have been possible working alone in their own LAG area) includes, “The main key: think big and be open minded – TNC is all about working together without borders in your mind.

“Our cooperation corner, supported by the EU CAP Network within LINC 2024, is a unique opportunity for LAGs with experience in TNC project funding to make a valuable exchange of information, as well as share good practice and unfiltered TNC advice.”