Come join our volunteer team for the LINC conference!

We invite you to be part of the European event LINC, a conference full of exchanges of experiences, sports activities, and European gastronomic delights.

🔍 What are we looking for?
We are looking for committed volunteers for various categories:
1️⃣ Study tours (10 volunteers)
This team will be responsible for organizing and guiding study tours during the LINC conference. Volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with participants and provide them with information about the visited locations, as well as relevant cultural and historical aspects. A good command of the English language and effective communication skills will be required.
2️⃣ Sports activities (7 volunteers)
The team for sports activities will be responsible for coordinating and organizing various sports events during the LINC conference. This includes managing the schedule, ensuring the necessary equipment, and facilitating the competitions. Volunteers should be active, passionate about sports, and have organizational skills.
3️⃣ Administrative organization (3 volunteers)
This department will be tasked with ensuring the smooth running of the administrative and logistical activities of the LINC conference. This includes participant registration, document and schedule management, as well as coordination with other departments to ensure a seamless experience for all participants. Volunteers should be detail-oriented, organized, and capable of working efficiently in an administrative environment.
4️⃣ Technical department (3 volunteers)
The technical team will be responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of technical equipment and necessary infrastructure for the conference. This includes managing audio-visual equipment, sound systems, internet networks, etc. Volunteers should have relevant technical knowledge and be capable of timely troubleshooting to maintain the conference running smoothly without major issues.
💡 What do you need to know?
Volunteers should have intermediate knowledge of English, be able to coordinate a group of 30 people, and be friendly, detail-oriented, and resourceful.
🌟 What benefits do you get?
✔️ Opportunity to be part of a unique European event and contribute to the success of the LINC conference.
✔️ Valuable experience in organizing and coordinating a large-scale European event.
✔️ Interaction and networking with people from various backgrounds and cultures, building lasting connections and professional relationships.
✔️ Development of communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.
✔️ Opportunity to discover and learn about cultural, historical, and social aspects from different regions.
✔️ Certificate of participation and recommendation for volunteer work at the LINC conference, recognized within the community and for future career opportunities.
Registration period: February 15, 2024 – March 15, 2024
Fill out the registration form here and join our team for a memorable European experience!
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