What is LINC?

LINC is a European Conference which combines European exchange of experience with sport events and European culinary. LINC is an initiative from LAGs (Local Action Groups) and National Network Units for rural development in Austria, Germany, Estonia and Finland.

LEADER Inspired Network Community – LINC – European LEADER academy which combines exchange of experiences in many different communities in the whole European union and beyond. The LINC initiative was formed by local action groups ten years ago. The first LINC conference was held in Austria in 2010. Following conferences were hosted in Italy, Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and last one in Italy, in 2023. Romania will host the LINC conference in 2024.

See the agenda below:

Join us to a visit tour to the Turda Salt Mine! ~optional~

The map of the festive final ceremony: