Join us to a visit tour to the Turda Salt Mine! ~optional~

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Visit tour Turda Salt Mine- 04.06.2024 half a day tour

As part of the LINC conference, we propose a visit to Turda Salt Mine.

Visiting Turda Salt Mine is an otherworldly journey into the depths of a transformed salt mine that’s been repurposed into a captivating underground amusement park. Descending into this subterranean wonder in Romania, visitors are greeted by colossal caverns adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, creating an ethereal ambiance. The main attraction, the Rudolf Mine, features a mesmerizing underground lake where visitors can rent paddleboats for a serene ride. The sheer size and historical significance of the mine are awe-inspiring, with passageways and chambers that host an amphitheater, bowling alleys, mini-golf, and even a ferris wheel, all surrounded by the remnants of the mine’s industrial past. The blend of history, natural beauty, and modern entertainment within the unique setting of Turda Salt Mine make it an unforgettable and surreal experience for anyone exploring its underground marvels. The whole experience will be completed by a tour guide who will help you discover all the details along the journey into the salt mine.

Taking in the information and beautiful surroundings, lunch will be served at a vineyard near Turda Salt Mine where you will have the possibility to explore local flavors, surrounded by rows of flourishing grapevines. Along traditional Romanian delightful dishes, complemented by the vineyard’s own wines, each bite becomes a celebration of local produce and regional culture.

After a satisfying lunch, returning to the accommodation will offer a chance to unwind and reflect on the day’s experiences.

Participation fee: 60 €/ person

Participation will be confirmed only upon payment of the participation fee.

The payment can be made within a maximum of 30 days from the moment you have received the invoice. In case of non-payment, your spot is not guaranteed, and it will be given to individuals on the waiting list.