Study Tour 6

Rural Romania Project Trail: Exploring Three Initiatives

#LAGproducers #Meet Nagy Ákos - fromagèr

First, we will visit a cheese factory which produces matured cheese. The Caseus small factory prepares cheese from the highest quality cow’s milk from local farms. The cheese is prepared by hand and matured naturally under the daily supervision and care of people who are truly passionate about traditional dairy products. They believe primarily in quality natural cheeses and are convinced that they can prepare cheese specialties without added flavors.

Here at Caseus, we will discover how to prepare matured cheese step by step. And, of course, at the end we will also enjoy tasting the products, a joy for our taste buds.

From here, we go to the greenhouses in Gheorghieni village where the owner grows flowers and aromatic herbs. Here we will have the chance to discover a project dear to us, by its technical name: Development of short supply chains with products on the territory of LAG Lider Cluj.

Its goal is to reconnect urban areas with traditional rural food supply. This is a project implemented by the Arieş Valley farmers’ association and, therefore, we will meet with members of this association. Thus, we will find out directly from the beneficiaries of this project what was their adventure towards success, the challenges they faced, examples of good practices and the results they obtained.

#Turda Salt mine

The study tour will finish with visiting the one of the oldest salt mines from Europe, Turda Salt Mine. The Turda salt deposits date back to ancient times and were dug up to thirty meters deep, leaving tunnels that were used as anti-aircraft shelter during war. It was later converted into a tourist attraction and then into a mining museum. The mine has recently been transformed into an incredible and very popular amusement park – a magical place immersed in a natural environment of unparalleled beauty.