Study Tour 4

Close your eyes, go with the flow, connect with nature

#Meet Florin Mihuț & Simona Laiu – mountain rescuers in the area of the Vlădeasa Massif

We meet two people passionate about the mountains, Florin Mihuţ and Simona Laiu, core members of the Vlădeasa Mountain Rescue Association. In the served area, they carry out permanent activities (throughout the year) of rescue / intervention and prevention in terms of mountain accidents.

#Wander & #Wonder

Together with Florin and Simona, two of the most knowledgeable of these areas, we will make a route of low difficulty (aprox 30 min) to the Bridal Veil waterfall. We leave from the parking lot and from here we take a walk to the waterfall, and then we will discover medicinal and aromatic plants, and also the mushrooms growing in the area.

The Bridal Veil waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania. The water fall is over 30 meters. An old legend recalls that the name of the waterfall comes from the fact that long ago a bride would have fallen from the steep cliffs in the area where the waterfall is, and her veil remained hanging on the rocks. There, the wedding guests stopped and began to cry, thus forming the waterfall. In reality, the name could be attributed to the shape of the waterfall that resembles a veil.

#LAGProject #Meet Mrs. Pleșa

At the waterfall, we will discover another project of ours: Mrs. Plesa’s caravan with traditional pies that we will taste with great appetite after our road trip.

#LAGProject & #Meet Roxana Suciu

In Răchițele, we meet Roxana Suciu, one of the winners of the grant for young entrepreneurs within the project Social Inclusion in the Napoca Porolissum LAG Territory. She started a beauty salon in Răchiţele, and this business is extremely useful, as rural communities often go to cities for such services.

#Food &Workshop

We will have the opportunity to cook traditional dishes with chef Horia Șimon, who is a very experienced chef and also the founder & owner of the Transylvanian Gastronomic Club, our location for this workshop. Loredana Pleșa will also join us here, and she is a local young woman passionate about sweet traditional delights. Of course, in the end we will enjoy these dishes that we make together.