Study Tour 3

When you dream big, you never grow old

#Meet: the Iancu brothers – entrepreneurs & local tourist hosts

The Iancu Brothers pension is a quiet place, away from the crowds and pollution of the city, where relaxation is at home. The owners also have a wine cellar that we will discover while we stay here. Here, we will do a session tasting in the dark in the form of a brunch and enjoy local dishes, made from quality ingredients, which will delight our taste buds. This experience is provided by the Pontes Association, a group of enthusiastic, visually impaired young people who want to make a difference in society, in the lives of both visually impaired and sighted people.

#Meet young local farmers

We stay in the area to visit two successful farms run by young people. Therefore, we meet youngsters who want to stay at home, to give back to the community that belong to. Out of love for rural areas, they have set up successful businesses that contribute to the development of rural areas and local community.

#Meet Alexandra Dinea & #LAGProject #workshop

Alexandra is one of the winners of the grant for young entrepreneurs within the project Social Inclusion in the Napoca Porolissum LAG Territory. Being a psychology student, Alexandra had the ambition to set up a special place in the village of Bedeciu, Mănăstireni Commune, a place where any kind of people can benefit from therapeutic sessions with animals.

#Wander & #Wonder

After that, we unwind, and we wander in the area to visit a church from the sixth century and cross the threshold of traditional houses that will amaze us by the way they are cared for from ancient times to the present, from generation to generation.