Study Tour 9

The journey of salt in the Blue Butterfly Region

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The Bánffy castle of Răscruci has an important historical value. In the old days, here was one of the most beautiful parks of the Bánffy family estates. The chronicles of the Bánffy family say that in the middle of this park was located a Japanese-style columbary (pigeon house) and that the domain was used as a summer royal residence. Between 1752-1755 the guest house and stable were restored, and the current building, made in eclectic style, dates from 1809. The castle was inhabited by Baron Adam Bánffy, an art enthusiast.

#Wander & #Wonder #Meet Ioan Chiorean

We make a stop at the salt baths of Sic and discover the story of salt exploitation here with an expert of our LAG.

We continue to the Reed of Sic, also called the Transylvanian Delta. Here we meet the ornithologist Ioan Chiorean and observe the birds that populate this atypical delta for our area. Perhaps the most fascinating story of our tour is that of the blue butterfly Maculinea, and here we have the occasion to discover it more closely.


Together with the Dâmbul Cetăţii Association we discover the traditional crafts and why the folk costume of Sic is so special. One of the most specific elements of the culture of Sic is the Szekler dress, which bears the style features of the German bourgeois, secular noble and Hungarian peasant dress. This is a project of the Someș Transylvanian LAG, funded by LEADER.


We serve lunch at Pension Sóvirag, where we will enjoy traditional dishes crafted by local housewives from Sic in a Romanian style with many Hungarian influences. Here, we also take a tour of the stands of local producers to discover and taste their products.

#Wander & #Wonder

We take a walk through the village, visit the Reformed church, learn the local and community stories. We will discover how important is the exploitation of salt for local development, and how old traditions are preserved. We will present you examples of good practices in capitalizing on natural, cultural and intangible heritage.


We also visit Tulipan Camping, a place dear to us that welcomes tourists from all over the world. The people who bring this business to life set out to convey to their guests the feeling of living just like a local in their beloved land, in Sic. A place where time stops and forgets about daily worries and where you will want to return.