Study Tour 7


#LAGProject #Meet Alina Zlati

Project presentation funded by LAG Lider Cluj which involves recreational activities about nature and in nature for all ages. Here, we meet Alina Zlati who will present us the idea behind the project and provide us with all the materials necessary for the recreational activities proposed. Thus, we will have an unforgettable, interactive and fun experience in nature.

#Workshop #Wander & #Wonder

We will meet a local tour guide and go into the heart of the forest, in the middle of nature to do a workshop of recreational activities. Along the way, we most likely will encounter a symphony of birds’ songs and the occasional rustling of wildlife in the underbrush showcasing the forest biodiversity. Vibrant wild flowers and mushrooms of various shapes and colors peek out from the forest floor, crating a vivid contrast to the serene green surroundings. The tranquility of the woods allows you to disconnect from the outside world and connect with the natural rhythms of the forest.

#LAGProject #Meet Maria Luca & Mihai Colceriu

We will meet two beneficiaries of our LAG, Maria and Mihai, who will present us their project of recreational activities.

They started a small business that involves renting electric motorcycles with which visitors can explore the area on different trails. That’s why we also challenge you to get on two wheels and ride on an easy route, in a memorable little moto adventure.