Study Tour 2

Eat local: feed your soul, love the people

#Meet: Alina Nedeluș - entrepreneur

Bio Culture greenhouses: the first Romanian organic tomatoes delivered on the Cluj market start from this greenhouse in Căpușu Mare Commune, which has 8,000 square meters. We will meet Alina Nedeluș, the manager of this business who managed to impose herself on the market with a quality-based production. The company has obtained the organic farm certification since 2018.

#Meet: Raluca Șuta - entrepreneur

We remain in Capușu Mare, where a beautiful horse stud, E VITA STUD, came to life. Here valuable specimens of the Arabian Thoroughbred and Sport Horse breeds are bred. Everything was born from the passion of a young local entrepreneur, Suta Florin. The E VITA STUD STUD farm covers an area of 8 ha of land.

#Meet: Andrei Poka & #workshop #Vincze Ștefan

We discover a smart village by the book in Sâncraiu, where we will have with us Mr. Mayor Andrei Poka, the best leader and promoter of this community for more than two decades. Here we also discover how to make the traditional kurtos kallacs, during a workshop dedicated to you, along with Vincze Ștefan.

About kurtos kallacs: Szekler Easter bread (Hungarian: kürtőskalács, German: Baumstriezel) is a food dish specific to southeastern Transylvania. Both the Saxons from Barsa Country and the Szeklers from Covasna County claim the origin of this centuries-old dish. Kürtőskalács is made from sweet, yeast dough (raised dough), of which a strip is spun and then wrapped around a truncated cone–shaped baking spit, and rolled in granulated sugar. The surface of the cake can then be topped with additional ingredients such as ground walnut or powdered cinnamon.

#Wander & #Wonder

After that, we unwind and visit Sâncraiu, a memorable smart village that we are proud of.