Study Tour 1

Discover your path: Slow down and stay creative

#LAGProject & #Meet: Emilia Cordoș

In Gilău, we’ll meet Emilia Cordoș the owner of Ralico Ambalaje which is a local Romanian company specialized in sustainable cardboard packaging production. They are dedicated to environmental protection through innovative solutions for packaging fruits and vegetables, promoting a greener future and an ecological lifestyle. Thus, Ralico Packaging are pioneers of innovation in the eco-friendly packaging industry. Their vision is to reduce the ecological footprint of packaging through unwavering commitment to sustainable materials and environmentally friendly processes. 

#LAGProject & #Workshop: Lenuța Roșu

Mrs. Lenuța Roșu is a folk costumes seamstress. She was born in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains, in Măguri-Răcătău, Cluj County. With her skilled hands, she developed her art progressively. From a relatively young age, she learned the craft from her mother and grandmother who have taught her pretty much everything about sewing, knitting, and embroidery. With Mrs. Roșu we will also discover how to use an ancient instrument: the loom.

#LAGProject & #Meet: Viorel Pleșa

We will also meet with Viorel Pleșa, a key member of our LAG community, LAG partner, local stakeholder, entrepreneur and promoter of rural tourism in the area of Mărișel and beyond.

We go together to The Iancului Cross from Mărişel, where we also present you an adventure place established by our LAG partners, the Municipality of Mărișel. The Iancului Cross from Mărişel was originally built of wood in 1924 by brothers Vasile, Ioan and Gavril Crișan, to mark the anniversary of a century since the birth of Avram Iancu (1824-1872). Avram Iancu was a Transylvanian lawyer and Romanian pasoptist revolutionary, who played an important role in the 1848 Revolution in Transylvania. He was the de facto ruler of the Moţilor County in 1849, commanding the army of Transylvanian Romanians against the Hungarian revolutionary troops.


Later, we will arrive to another project, called After Skiing at WU. Located next to the Marisel ski slopes, After Skiing at WU is a wonderful chalet with a unique mountain design, and the staff there is waiting for you with local schnaps, tasty drinks and vitalizing cocktails for hot summer days.