Study Tour 10

Forever young spirits and the wild valley

#Wander & #Wonder

We visit BT Wild Ranch, the largest bison farm of this type in Europe, which takes care of several hundred bison in a natural environment, offering them all the specific conditions for their harmonious growth. The owners’ motivation for making this investment in our area lies in the fact that here cattle breeding and farming have a long tradition. Bisons are ideal for Romania in general because we have large areas of land where they can be kept free. To be kept freely, a bison requires one hectare of pasture.

#Meet Aurelian Cozma family #workshop

Aurelian Cozma, beekeeper by profession, laid the foundations of a unique tourist project in Romania, a guesthouse called The House of Honey where tourists can sleep with bees. Here, in a dedicated accommodation space, there are two beds combined with beehives. This type of tourism integrates what we call therapy with bees. This is a LEADER project.

As for the workshop, we will participate in the process of pollen collection, honey extraction and hive air therapy in a chic clay house.

Those who cross the threshold of The House of Honey can enjoy traditional food on request, but also pollen and honey tastings. We will also enjoy them in the form of tasting.

#LAGProject &Meet

The next visit is to Mr. Berry Farm, a three-hectare organic blueberry plantation where top bluecrop and duke varieties grow. The people who give life to the place have prepared this place as a home where plants grow in a favorable environment. This is a project financed by PNDR: Investments in fruit farms.

#Wander & #Wonder

We go to Saint Stefan Voda Monastery in Vad, a building made of stone, in Gothic style, with elements of the Moldavian one. Within the monastery stand out the specific Moldavian portals, in broken arch on the western façade and rectangular with rods between narthex and nave.